TR003 – Vixen Heel Spine Slipper Navy Blue

Heel spine is one of the ailments that many suffer from today. It usually shows itself in the form of difficulty when stepping on the ground after getting up in the morning. The person who is infected with this disease may have difficulty both standing and walking during the day. In addition, the shoes and slippers worn can cause pain to you due to the bone protrusion located just on the side of the thumb. All these are known symptoms of disorders such as heel spine and bone protrusion Why
Does Heel Spine Occur? The main cause of this disorder is that the structure, which is defined as thin muscle and is located underfoot, adheres to the heel bone. Thus, a lot of load is created on the sole of the foot. In addition, some inflammatory rheumatic diseases cause the appearance of this problem. Those who suffer from this type of discomfort need to get rid of the pressure applied to the base.
Vixen Heel Spine Relaxes Slippers Known as Vixen (epin), heel spine slippers are an ideal product for people suffering from this discomfort. First of all, it has an anatomical structure. It’s made in a special way. There’s gel on the heel of the slipper. Thus, it benefits the wearer as a balance element. Because thanks to the gel, the pressure on the part of the heel is reduced. With the decrease in pressure, it occurs that the person feels comfort in the foot part. In this way, it is possible to move comfortably during the day. Vixen slippers can also be used for bone protrusion problem, which is another disorder besides heel spine. Due to this disease, it is known that the bone protrudsions out of the relevant part of the foot. Slippers attract attention with a special material in the part that coincides with the problem area. When you wear the product, this special material comes on the problematic area. Thus, the pain felt is minimized. People who think about foot health and suffer from these disorders can move much more comfortably with slippers in certain periods. Long-term use of the product is recommended. That’s how you make your feet happy.


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