135 – Shoe Trial Sock

The product is Vixen Brand and 1 Package contents 120 pieces.
Shoe socks are world-class socks manufactured in accordance with foot forms.
It has a structure that prevents the foot from sweating and excessive demyding.
Shoe socks must be included in the measures to be taken in order to protect foot health and to make a better quality life possible.
Never forget that discomforts such as foot fungus, which can be transmitted from person to person, can lead to the smell of feet, itching and conditions such as bleeding. You can also easily try on new shoe models using shoe sock.
One of the places where fungal and similar foot diseases can be transmitted is in stores.
The possibility that a corked foot is wearing a shoe that you wanted to try on earlier may cause you to get a foot fungus.
In general, there is no limitation on the shoe trial of people who have diseased feet in stores.
Therefore, there is a possibility that the owned fungal fibers will be transmitted to the shoe. Then, dressing the shoe that the person with the fungus said can have consequences such as the infection of the fungal fiber.



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